Wednesday, October 4, 2017

SharePoint 2013 Simple Document Sign Off (adapatable to SharePoint 2010)

What is it?

Simple document sign off is a series of SharePoint customizations that allow end users to sign off on documents that they have reviewed to allow formal tracking of document review. SharePoint allows approvals of documents from draft to a published state, but it does not natively allow sign off for end users on published documents.

There are many documents that may require a review and tracked sign off after they have been created or updated, including but not limited to:

  1. Employee Benefits
  2. Medical Testing Procedure Documents
  3. Key Business Procedures
  4. Contract Changes
  5. Equipment Usage Procedures
  6. Equipment Maintenance Procedures
  7. Emergency Protocols
  8. Changes to Invoicing Processes
The complete instructions on how to create this system are here:

Part 1Simple Document Sign Off - Background and Purpose
Part 2Simple Document Sign Off - System Overview
Part 3Simple Document Sign Off - Prerequisites and List/Library Setup
Part 4Simple Document Sign Off - Setting the Document ID
Part 5Simple Document Sign Off - The Sign Off Page
Part 6Simple Document Sign Off - Notification Workflow
Part 7Simple Document Sign Off - Sign Off Workflow
Part 8Simple Document Sign Off - Managing Document Sign Off

How does it work?

The document owner adds or updates a document in a document library. They then add in the users or group they want to notify that the document has been updated to the document properties, and click the "notify" button:

The end users then receive an email that gives them information about the document, a link to the document, and a link to the sign off page:

After reviewing the document the end user clicks the link to the sign off page and sees this:

After the user has registered their sign off, they can then review all of their sign off in the system:

Multiple user sign offs can be managed by the document owner in a central area. Who signed off on the document, the version signed off on, the date they signed off and the document name are all captured:

Multiple versions are managed through workflows configured in this system.

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